Meet The Executive Team

John Smothers

Samuel D. Prien, PhD, HCLD

Lindsay Penrose, PhD

Dustie Johnson, BS, MS, PhD





Vice President

Clinic Relations

Vice President

Sales and Marketing

John has more than 40 years in management experience. John served as Senior Vice President of Product Development, managing design teams in Lubbock, New York and Hong Kong, driving a global company to 5x in sales and 20x in margins over a 5-year period.

John chaired, from the private sector side, the Lubbock Regional Bioscience Initiative, a
program of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance from its inception until its closure, forming alliances with researchers, investors and professional service providers
in the Lubbock region.

John has a history of successful exits from 3 companies and has a passion for this technology, being a partner in a couple who tried for seven years to conceive their first child.

Dr. Prien holds the position of Professor and Director of Labs for the Department of
Obstetrics & Gynecology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the
Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Prien, deemed “our most prolific inventor” by TTUS-ORC, is a founding member and
current Chairman of the Board for Reproductive Solutions, Inc. He holds over thirty-years in clinical and research aspects of assisted reproduction in both humans and animals. His work has been extended to over four hundred publications and presentations and he has
been awarded forty grants totaling more than $2 million in research support. Dr. Prien has
also been the recipient of numerous local and national research awards.

Dr. Prien’s work has resulted in 21 U.S. and associated international patents. Currently,
two recent patents have been filed with others pending. Five technologies are currently
engaged in license agreements for his innovative work. His current focus is on “next generation” collection devices in collaboration with Reproductive Solutions which have been deemed patentable by TTUS-ORC.

Dr. Penrose is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the
Department of Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University. She is a founding
member and Secretary of the Board for RSI.

For over fifteen-years, Dr. Penrose has worked in the clinical and research aspects of
assisted reproduction in both humans and animals with work published in over 70
publications and presentations. Her work has received 10 grants totaling $180,000 in
research support.

She has been awarded multiple patents with two new patents filed and others pending, plus one technology licensed in industry.

With more than 11 years serving as a medical and scientific expert to the infertility
community, Dr. Johnson has developed and maintained key relationships with the medical and scientific community throughout the United States.

She has also provided high-level scientific support for KOLs, internal and external
stakeholders for fertility, contraceptive, pre-mature birth, bone health, human papilloma
virus, and women’s sexual health franchises including 7 brands. She has also developed
and presented scientific presentations on products and disease states to key internal and external stakeholders.

Her work also includes Patent #6864046 for Improved Semen Collection/Extension
Technique for Use With Artificial Insemination and Cryopreservation. 
In addition, her notoriety includes research for 24 publications and scientific meeting presentations, numerous grants, awards, and honors.

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