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Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Prien for being named NAI Fellow

Dec. 07, 2021

We're proud of our colleague, partner, and friend, Dr. Samuel Prien, for being named a Fellow for National Academy of Inventors. Dr. Prien is science advisor to Reproductive Solutions, co-inventor of ProteX, and the first Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center faculty member to be named an NAI Fellow. Learn more about his story, including the five U.S. patents, 20 international patents, and three copyrights he currently holds.

Dr. Samuel Prien Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, NAI Fellow

CW Dallas-Fort Worth

August, 2021

The Morning After Show's Ron Corning on CW Dallas-Fort Worth asks RSI CEO, Diana Peninger, why the focus of infertility needs to shift to the male.

NBC Milwaukee

July, 2021

The Morning Blend, NBC Milwaukee 6 minute in depth discussion with RSI CEO, Diana Peninger on the benefits of ProteX concerning male infertility.

Fox News Chicago

June, 2021

Fox News Chicago talks with RSI CEO Diana Peninger about the advantages of at-home semen collection.