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About Us

Reproductive Solutions, Inc. (RSI), located in Lubbock, Texas, is a bioscience company which produces ProteX™, the first and only product designed specifically for semen collection to aid in fertility treatment.

After our CEO struggled with infertility for over 7 years with his first child, he has been committed to providing a solution to the problem that millions of couples face. "I know the stress that goes along with this process. It's so stressful that it hurts. I know what they're going through."

"It's estimated one in seven couples in the U.S. have infertility problems. About half the time the sperm are the culprit. We're the first ones building a solution specifically for sperm. "What we're doing with our products is protecting and preserving the sample taken for analysis or treatment. The result is it's as close in quality to being directly out of the male as it could be. The environment inside a ProteX container results in the sperm not realizing they have left the male's body, so they conserve their energy. This prevents sperm from significantly degrading for as much as 48 hours, instead of the estimated 45-minute timeframe with regular specimen cups. That allows time for couples to collect the sample at home and take it with them to their medical appointment--- even if the clinic isn't close by. The typical success rate for U.S. fertility clinics is around 42 percent. Our data indicate that if they'll use ProteX, they'll push that up to around 65 percent."  - John Smothers

Our Mission

We started with one simple mission: Develop a cost effective, alternative collection method that would provide the most favorable environment for semen collection in order to produce the best sample possible, with the goal of increasing pregnancy rates.

Utilizing a patented device and method, RSI’s mission is to utilize years of industry-leading research and innovative production methods to provide a more effective solution to the problem of infertility.

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