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A semen collection container that protects sperm from stress during and after collection - providing the best sample for your chance of conception.


Benefits of

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Today’s method of obtaining, maintaining and processing a semen sample with a urine cup is NOT optimal, which ultimately decreases the possible success rate of fertilizing an egg and achieving a live birth. It is time to improve the way we collect.


The ProteX™ patented design provides a protective environment for semen upon collection for use in treatments with ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). The insulated container funnels the sample into a small holding well to minimize the surface that is exposed to the environment, which could affect and damage the sample. These features, combined with the recommended addition of media, prior to collection, help protect the sample from temperature shifts, shifts in pH, osmotic stress, and decreases in motility.


  • Allows for collecting in the privacy of your own home

  • Reduces face-to-face and clinic interaction in the age of Covid-19

  • ProteX ™ minimizes temperature changes of sperm both during and after collection

  • ProteX ™ vastly reduces Osmotic Stress in the specimen collection process

  • Provides clinics added scheduling flexibility as the sample can be processed up to 48 hours after collection. (Traditionally 45 minutes) No more rushing samples to the laboratory before they die!

  • Greater motility of sample

  • Greater protection from shifts in pH

Are there studies to support the use of ProteX™?

Seven (7) studies have been presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and another that has been published in the Journal of Dairy, Veterinary, and Animal Research. A scientific packet with abstracts and published papers can be sent to you upon request. 

Patent No.: US 6,864,046 B1


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Add Media

ProteX is designed to allow your fertility team to choose if it is to be used with media of their choice, which can provide additional benefits.

By using a small (1 ml), measured amount of media within the cup, additional protections can be provided. These protections can include protection against shifts in pH and allow the sperm to begin adjusting to the life outside the body before being processed in the laboratory.


Collect a Sample

When the time comes to collect your sample, you will most likely be asked to collect your semen sample by masturbation. Traditionally this is done into a standard, dry specimen cup. This presents some potential challenges to providing the best sample possible, because changes in the environment, especially temperature, very easily damage sperm. Even if the container has been warmed, by the time the sample is collected, the temperature of the container will be cold enough to damage sperm.

Sample Protection

ProteX’s patented design provides a protective environment for the semen upon collection. The insulated container, funnels the sample into a small holding well to minimize the surface that is exposed to the environment. These features help protect the sample from temperature shifts for a much longer time, which reduces the concern about the time required for collection.

Return Sample to Clinic

In fact, ProteX protects it so well, it gives your fertility team the option of allowing you to collect at home, depending on what they determine is most appropriate for your individual care. Most clinics currently do not allow at home collection with traditional specimen cups because it is almost impossible to maintain the temperature, getting the sample to the clinic in a timely fashion (usually within an hour) and carries a greater risk of having a compromised sample.

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